Beautiful Weaknesses

Discovering a weakness means discovering your ending capacity. You’ll start knowing how to be independent to other people. You’ll start having faith to God.

As I entered my grade 12 the last year of my Senior life, fear grew in my heart. My weaknesses overcame my strength. I tend to compare myself to other people and to the new individuals I met. Little did I know, behind every masks has a story to tell. It’s only the second month of class and I totally lost the peace and tranquility in my heart. I cannot even focus on my goals and schedules. I grew weary and tired.

When I was on my way home, I’m a bit exhausted because I waited for a very long time for a public vehicle. The worse part is that, the skies are gray, the atmoshpere is very gloomy, and it’s about to rain, and the even worst part here is that I got no unbrella! Sooner or later, I will go home like a wet chick. But, ta-daa! My phone notifies me a message. An old friend is asking me if I could meet her before I go home for a small talk. I said yes.

We shared stories. We exchanged laughters and we witnessed our almost-teary-eyes while our souls connect, longing for each other’s support. I want to share with you,

The 3 Beautiful Facts of Weaknesses:




: fear of being a failure.

Lately, I came to realized that I’m afraid of being a failure, and of course, of doing failures. This fear hinders me to do what I like, to push me away from my passion, belittles me in everything I do and in every decisions I make it discouraged me to aim for the stars. I don’t know if you already felt this feeling the feeling of being small in everyone’s eyes. You would tend to stay in the level of mediocrity to avoid criticism. You’ve been open to a view that you’re not destined for greatness. That you’re already tired of knocking closed doors. You ceased growing.

All of us want to hit the top. At first, the zeal and enthusiasm for victory pushes us to do our best. We are excited doing the first step, until we realized that climbing a mountain asks a lot of effort, pressure, and time. The gravity of discouragement is pulling us down. This force results to,

3 Types of Goal Climber:


This is the most numbered type of climber. Usually, they are also the first mover. When a streak of flame scorches their hearts, they are very eager to pursue their dreams, ambitions, and aspirations in life. They are passion-driven. But, these people are forgetful. Once they step on the first move, they easily get tired. It’s very easy for them to pursue a goal but their devotions easily fade. They’re only good at first, after that, they give up.

Rank: 3/10


This type of climber perseveres. They follow rules, accept criticism, and envision beforehand. They plan on what to do in every step. At the end of the day, they try to regain their energy for tomorrow’s quest. The only downfall of these climbers is that they are doubtful. They do almost everything but left 0.01% of doubt to annihilate the 99.9% part of hardworks. There is a lost of passion in the near part of the game. They thought they’re going to make it, but because of the “Can I?” question, they give up.

Rank: 8/10


This type of climber never quits. Only few people here on earth belong to this type of circle. It is the sum of the first two types passion-driven and full of perseverance, but, they don’t stop. They only rest! Everytime they get tired, they go back to the reason of climbing. They are not afraid to push the YES button. They also know when to say NO. They keep on pressing forward. Oftentimes, they are the only group to see the beautiful destinations. For them, once a goal, is always a goal. Another thing, for them, failure is not to be feared. It is to be loved. Failure is learning.

Rank: 11/10

I don’t know which type of climber are you. I hope that we will not let our fear of being a failure hinders us to reach for the stars. Let’s embrace being flawed. Always remember that the moment you start recognizing your failures, it will also the elevation of your strength.

Take Me to Your Art

There’s no difference between an art and an artist. They just blend and harmonize to construct a happy, colorful world.

I don’t know, but since I was young, I always admire people who’s into Art. As a crude-headed child, my description of Art is all about the different colors in the color wheel, sketches, and basic shapes and lines. In my younger days, I couldn’t draw in fact, I don’t want to draw. Why? I envied my older cousins because of their advanced skills that I do not have. So I tend to look at their works thinking I couldn’t do the same as them.

There came a time that my mama encouraged me to join in a school-based poster making contest during a Nutrition month celebration. I lost. I was not surprised though. I knew in my mind that I wouldn’t win the trophy. I came home. I saw my mama smiling, afterwards, I told her the results. Even in my failures, still, she continued smiling. Her smile is one of the main reason, why up to now, I’m pursuing my passion.

Now, I blissfully share my works to people who appreciate it. Only to few. I am in 12th grade under in a STEM course (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and it doesn’t cover in any art strand. Partly, I’m sad.

During my Junior High years, I met a lot of artsy friends. I never thought that they will help me to appreciate art wherever I go, in every thing I make.

As of now, I admit that I still continue to learn and love art. It taught me that there are no comparisons, mistakes, and it doesn’t consider wether you’re unskilled, beginner, or a basic learner. As long as you’re loving art with all your heart and soul, surely, it will love you back.

I will share 3 reasons,

Why Art is in my Heart?

1. Art understands me.

I always bear in my mind what my mama told me, “When it comes to Art, there’s no right or wrong.” Everytime I’m doing a painting, I can freely depict what I feel through the strokes of brushes up to the edges of the canvas. It doesn’t judge me. Actually, in doing an art, what you think of a mistake is actually a progress. Mistake means learning. Mistake is not a downfall. It uplifts you.

2. Art edifies me.

Nothing in this world is constant. You can’t be stagnant! Development and growth are already programmed in the human brain, yet, to adapt improvement is a choice. Art is my therapy. It improves and edifies me as a person. It taught me how to be patient, to step out on my limits, to see the bigger picture, to always understand and love.

3. Art moves me closer to God’s power.

Sounds unusual, right? But yes, I was able to see His majestic power through appreciating His creation wherever I go, through individuals I met. I comprehend things not just on the outside makeup but also in the deeper sense. What my naked eyes are seeing is not the whole story but there’s a clearer picture behind the facade.

Being an artist is not just on the skills and creativity. It’s what’s inside the heart the urging passion that needs to devour an idle soul.

How Did I Carry My Cross?

I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.

Acts 20:24

Definitely, carrying a cross means a burden to many. It was my depiction before. It was. Not until on my seventh grade.

I am a Christian since I was a kid. I was born with both grandparents and parents teaching me what’s the whole bible about. There wasn’t a summer that I wasn’t able to attend DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School). I’m an active attendee of Sunday School. As far as I can remember, my nanay (grandma) pushed me to be in the choir when I was only in first grade. She told me that if I can read, I can do anything. On the way to church, I was crying, thinking I’m too young for the ministry. She was always telling me that in everything I do, I should acknowledge God and put Him as the center of everything. My nanay is a great influence to me. In my elementary years, somewhat, I was able to understand what they’re trying to tell me. My mama (mother) and papa (father) always keep their eyes on me.

I can’t remember the event in church, but there is this lady that I listened to. She was telling her life testimony on how did she carry her cross. I was amazed, more likely deeply moved. Her words lit up a flame in my heart, and up to now, it is still growing. As a child, my eyes went wider as I felt the astonishment on how God can turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one! Back then, I was telling myself, “I want to be like her.”

As a child, my eyes went wider as I felt the astonishment on how God can turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one!

My life went smoothly. I continue in serving the church with the whole family. I learned how to teach the children during Sunday schools. A lot of mentors are trying to teach me more about Christianity. I’m always blessed for their lives. I learned how to play instruments for the Praise&Worship. I stand on the values my nanay taught me. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior when I was in 6th grade.

Not until the year of my seventh grade. I don’t know the whole story, but my papa felt that he doesn’t belong in our church community. He went astray. Still, we continue in serving God. Subsequently, there’s a problem arose in the church. I witnessed how the church attendance decrease as the Sundays passed by. Sad to say, some of them are my fellow family members. There came a time that I heard my mama and one of my cousin talking about leaving the church. I was deeply disheartened. It was truly a crack in our spiritual lives. To make the long story short, Sunday services turned into church hopping, trying to find the more perfect church. More problems ascended: relationships gone wrong, bugging down of church’s status, self-conflict (both emotional and spiritual) I cannot name it all. I got too much on my plate. I can’t understand anything. I was cold with God.

I can’t understand anything. I was cold with God.

I remembered my old prayer! I entered my room, bent my knees in prayer, and surrendered everything to God. It was the Holy Spirit that lit up the flame again in my heart. I asked God for His presence while I’m carrying the cross of life blissfully. I once talked to Him that I’m always willing give my heart for His glory, and now this is it.

It was the Holy Spirit that lit up the flame again in my heart.

It was only the start of my Christian journey, because of the cross I was able to align my life to the life of Christ Jesus. It’s the cross that taught me the way, the truth, and the life. I cannot be more blessed with this kind of path. I’m predestined to His paradise. Knowing that Christ comes in many forms, through: friends, sermons, parents, community, media, but the best way to have an intimate relationship with Him is through yourself.

I fell in love with Him all over again. I can’t help not to share it with other believers and as well to non-believers, especially to non-believers.

I fell in love with Him all over again.

I’ll continue in carrying the cross of life blissfully.

She’s Shanly

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Shanly Yanna Gabin Granada is my name. I’m a pure Filipina [tho a lot of people I met would tend to tell me that I got a bit of an Arab structure]. I’m already 17 years old [tho it’s not that evident in my height, LOL]. I’m into arts and music, and trying to decipher its substance wherever I go. In the recent years, I grew up embracing life lessons that I would never forget. If you allow me, I want to share it with you.

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